Ghost Lanterns

Valerie, a friend of mine, requested people save milk jugs for her. When I asked what for, she said for Ghost Luminaries (similar ones pinned here).

Since my kids ares still young explorers and pick up and dump everything sitting on the ground, I knew that those luminaries would just cause me headaches, so I wanted to come up with something that would hang HIGH so that we could love and enjoy them without getting involved in conflict every time we were out in front of the house.

 I came up with Ghost Lanterns! These are made with 10 milk cartons and a short strand of white Christmas lights. I am hoping to find some different lights with larger bulbs and more spacing between each light, but christmas decorations aren't out yet, so I had to use what we have on hand.

Step 1: Cut off top and draw some silly faces with permanent
marker. My 3yo son drew the 2 on the left.
Step 2: Draw arms on sides and slit to secure
light strand in to. I used heavy blue marker
for illustrative purposes, a finer line would be
better and not show as much.

Step 3: Guide lights through each ghost.

Step 4: Secure the lights in the slits.

Step 4: Hang the lights/lanterns and adjust as needed.

Lanterns by day!

Lanterns by night.